About Me

I am a writer, marketing consultant and event organiser based in Nottingham, England.

I feel lucky as my career has naturally progressed in a direction that has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience doing what I love.

One of my strongest childhood memories is sitting, writing on a chalkboard, telling my mum that when I grew up I was going to be a writer (apparently I also wanted to be a fire engine, but unfortunately I’m missing the wheels!). Luckily the chalkboard has now gone, but the passion is still there.

Throughout my career I have been privileged to write a variety of materials for many different audiences, allowing me to develop the ability to switch between styles and tones as needed. This includes having my first published work released in 2006. My writing experience includes;

•website and brochure copy
•marketing plans
•newsletter articles
•press releases
•promotional letters
•event programmes
•social media posts
•exhibition interpretation panels

I also have around 10 years experience of organising and promoting a variety of events. Much of my writing experience has been associated with the many events I have organised, which include;

•public events
•wedding fairs
•conferences and corporate events
•promotional and press events
•launch events
•award ceremonies
•training courses

You can read more detail about my background and experience below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

My background and experience

Originally from Leeds, I moved to Nottingham in 2002 to study at Nottingham Trent University and have resided here since. I did my bachelors degree in criminology, more to satisfy my interests and desire to learn, than to gain access to a specific career.

After graduating I started working at the Galleries of Justice Museum. Whilst I was there I co-authored my first book, The Prison Service in Britain. During this time I also started co-ordinating the museum’s conference bookings, and organising and promoting the museum’s special events, launching both my writing career and my event management career at the same time.

When I moved on from the Galleries of Justice I built on my marketing and events experience working in a hotel in Nottingham city centre. This broadened my events experience to include weddings, and during this time I obtained my personal licence allowing me to authorise the sale of alcohol. I still hold my personal licence so can be Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) for events that require it.

Whilst working at the hotel I also studied for my masters degree through distance learning, which gave me a theoretical understanding to my writing and marketing projects.

My next role was at the Nottingham Leisure Business Improvement District (BID), which eventually amalgamated with the Nottingham Retail BID to become the Nottingham BID. I was responsible for managing city-wide projects and organising large-scale events to benefit Nottingham’s city centre businesses and to increase footfall. These include the Nottingham Food and Drink Festival, 48 Hours of Fashion, Nottingham Best Bar None, and the It’s In Nottingham website, amongst others.

Becoming a parent changed my life completely and inspired me to leave my full-time role to become self-employed. An exciting challenge, and one that I am relishing every minute of. You can find out more about what I have been up to since becoming self-employed by following me on twitter and reading my blog.

Please contact me using the form below if you have some work you would like to discuss with me.


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